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Fran and Maria Wedding

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04 Oct Fran and Maria Wedding

Fran and Maria Wedding

Date:  September 19th, 2014

Place:  San José

The air was combined with some pine notes.  Everything around us was green.  We were in Finca La Lucha, a small rural town nestled on San José´s mountains. It was a perfect morning.

The sun was climbing up through the trees trying to reach its pinnacle, bringing color to every single leave, a blue sky was embracing the world and definitely Louis Armstrong knew that place, because in there you felt yourself as living in his song.  That particular morning the “trees of green and the red roses too” were blooming for Fran and Maria.

They wanted to have a romantic warm barn wedding, but they also wanted to take that style to the next level, they wanted a contemporary style. The solution was the color:  white.  White flowers and white furniture bring to the space the modern note they were looking for in a gentle way, without compete with the cozy atmosphere that beautiful and rural place has.

The reception was brilliant, Armstrong was singing that day (no doubts about it) “friends shaking hands, saying how do you do, they really saying, as Maria & Fran, I love you” , all gathered together as a family, dancing, enjoying and celebrating the newlyweds happiness.

And at the end, as a surrealistic picture, after a lightly rain, a marvelous rainbow across the sky gave us the sensation of hearing that deep voice all over the forest singing “the colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky, are also on the faces of people going by”

The party kept going through the night and Tropico Bridal wished welfare, happiness and love for Fran and Maria.  We returned to our houses with the heart full of emotions and great memories, thanking them for bringing us to a “wonderful world”

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